About "When All Else Fails"

Believing there was some commonalities in this heterogeneous society that can only be poorly dubbed "Geek Culture", one man tries to ask persisting questions about many oddities that permeate this Geek Culture and society as a whole. Facing stereotypes, bigotry, media, characters, and companies, the creator of this blog who calls himself Mousa the 14, acknowledges frequently to be no expert on anything, just a critical observer, much like the Tropers that evolved him.

Portions of the blogs attempt to bridge the gap between geeky common knowledge and things a majority of people won't know in order to bridge gaps and expand the audience and give non-geeks an understanding of what the hell goes on. This blog is inspired by The Game Overthinker and Daniel Floyd who are video game culture and pop culture analysts when they're not doing their day jobs.

The creator of this blog realizes his shortcomings and knows he can make mistakes and wanted this blog to be an open form between the critical viewer and and observed themselves. The dialogue is meant to be open and if there is something Mousa the 14 was not told about, let him know, he's only an eccentric college student, not God.

Part of this blog is meant to be a thought exercise mostly, to think about a lot of sociological things that come up you may not have considered too much of. Conversation and comments are encouraged.