Cool Stuff You Should see.

Analysts Like Myself
  •  Bob "MovieBob" Chipman as The Game Overthinker has been sucking recently but most of his stuff is pretty good and thought provoking. Obviously he talks a lot about video games and popular culture. He's the one who inspired me to do this.
    • And When Bob isn't anylzing video games and video game culture, he's analyzing Geek Culture on The Big Picture. But I did it before him.
  • Daniel Floyd's Extra Credits is a less divisive but more in depth and calm version of MovieBob's Game Overthinker.
    • And his series before that was something I called "Video Games And...", the stuff that got him his Extra Credits job.
  •  Dr. Professor's Pixel Poppers, analyzing games. Probably smarter (or at least less egotistical) than MovieBob but with less content. He's working on it though.
  • Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's fast paced Aussie-British self normally in video as Zero Punctuation is now in writing. The normally vulgar and humorous video game reviewer actually has quite a few interesting and intelligent things to say about the state of games in Extra Punctuation.
  • History of the Power Rangers, by Linkara is an analytical retrospective of one of my favorite TV series of all time, The Power rangers. AWESOME!
  • Extra Consideration is a conversation about Video Games from The Escapists most analytical and opinionated people: Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation, MovieBob of The Big Picture and Escape to the movies, And James Portnow of Extra Credits. Very Fascinating.
  • TvTropes is a website I link to quite a bit. It is a site that analyzes media.  It's a casual and humorous website that identifies patterns in media we all see and know is there and gives a name to it and filsl the "trope" page with examples from all the media that the contributors know of. It's realy fascinating and the site was absically what dragged me into this whacky and wodnerful world of analysis and geek culture.
  • Overthinking It is a site I just recently discovered that goes deeper than I do on many scary scary levels. Basically look into it, it's fascinating stuff, though most of their analysis, while makes a lot of sense, is basically in jest.

Internet Comedians and/or Reviewers

  • That Guy With The Glasses .com, the website where Reviewer/Comedians gather to review Video Games, Movies, Cartoons, Anime, basically anything geeky.
    • The Nostalgia Critic,  hilarious internet comedian, Doug "That Guy With The Glasses" Walker, reviews all the bad movies and tv shows from the 80s and 90s. Time to see why our childhood sucked.
    • The Nostalgia Chick, the intellectual and calm counterpart to the Nostalgia Critic who prefers to do thematic analysis through humor rather than straight out reviews and her videos are better for it. Her beginning vids weren't too great due to her trying to be the distaff counterpart to Mr. Critic but she has broken away from that mold and developed her own hilarious character.
    • Atop The Fourth Wall, a comedy review show where Lewis Lovhaug aka Linkara reviews bad comic books. He's hilarious and the show's overarching plots are interesting and he really tells you future comic makers what makes for a sucky comic.
    • The Angry Joe Show, I'm a Nintendo fanboy so I can't afford to play the games he reviews, or even own an Xbox for that matter, but the games are interesting and Joe is an insanely entertaining reviewer, even if you don't care for the games, you can care for Joe, and Joe really cares about games and making sure gamers are being taken care of more and his ideals are universal. The guy is also energetic and hammy and not really all that angry (Unless the game is really bad), but he's fun.
    • JesuOtaku Anime Reviews, an analytic and sometimes amusing approach to anime reviews. She's fairly average but she's fair and funny and really good at what she does.
    • CR's Familiar Faces is a show I like because it is an analysis of mostly background or out of the way characters that usually deserve more attention or were obscured by something else. One of the best parts of his show as the the characters can be from any medium and time period whether it's oft mentioned but rarely seen Dr. Dementor from Kim Possible or the rarely appreciated Janine Melnitz from Ghostbusters.
    • Todd In The Shadows does pop song reviews. So unlike most geeky reviewers he does stuff that's relevant and hip to most people who are interested in non-geeky pursuits and covers whole new ground in reviewing music. He's one of the better reviewers I've seen who doesn't use too many gimmicks or too much cursing and instead does his own awkward thing and it works very well.
  • Loading Ready Run, the underrated and somewhat obscure sketch comedy group from British Columbia, Canada. These Monty Python inspired geeks do a lot of different sorts of humor and they have a guarantee of a new video every week. They are awesome and they raised a boatload of money for charity with their annual Desert Bus charity drive for Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. Check them out! DO IT NOW!
    • commodoreHUSTLE, a Loading Ready Run sitcom with continuity where the cast play as exaggerated versions of themselves with aspects of real life conflated in this silly little adventure of living geeky.
  • Zero Punctuation, it's a little too vulgar than my normal tastes and until recently, slightly sexist. His reviews do point out little details that can make or break a game and his viewpoints, whilst exaggerated and sometimes too much, do hold merit and contrary to how how his videos appear to be, he doesn't hate every game he's reviewed, or most of them. He just wouldn't be entertaining if he was nice about it.
  • Escape to the Movies, yes, MovieBob Chipman back again with interesting, albeit sometimes decisive movie reviews, but they're still good nonetheless and sometimes you'll be left surprised by what he has to say.