Saturday, March 26, 2011

When All Else Fails: Just The Stats 01

So from when I started this crazy thing to.... Friday, March 25, 2011....

Geek Rant 11: The Fairer Geek: 458 Page views which I attribute heavily to the help of Wundergeek's Go Make me a Sandwich blog about sexist depictions of women in Video Games and Video Game advertising. It' s hilariously awesome

Geek Rant Topic 06: JRPGs: 308 Page views, interesting, probably because I pimped it out at The Escapist as well as TvTropes forums and let's face it, it's a slightly hot and divisive topic. I must revist it at some point.

Geek Rant Topic 09: The Last Airbender: 259 Page views because it was a recent topic and let's face it, everyone who cared for the original cartoon wanted as much affirmation for their rage at that horrid movie as possible

Geek Rant Topic 03: Hardcore Gamers or "No True Gamer": 209 Page Views because... I honestly don't know, perhaps nobody wants to read the truth about themselves or because I didn't know at the time that the term I was looking for was actually "Fratcore" Gamer

Geek Rant Topic 07: One Manga: 157 Page Views becuase really, it's about a virtually dead site, nobody was going to see this, especially since it was in semi-defense of it's illegal existence.

Geek Rant Topic 02: Furry Hate: 145 Page views becuase nobody wants to look like a jerk for hating agroup of people who don't desrve it. Why would anybody want to look at a list of their flaws nad lose their reason to needlessly hate people?

Geek Rant Topic 05: Nerd or Geek: 111 Page Views, becuase really? Who cares besides me and my insanity? I need to do a followup ayway due to newly acquiredperspectives on the terms.

Geek Rant 10: Geeky Men Are Not Men: 88 Page views becuase really? Even I didn't like this one too much.

Geek Rant Topic 04: To Most Furries: 76 Page Views becuase Furries want to see their flaws even less than their haters it seems. It's a shame, I wanted this one to be more widespread.

Geek Rant Topic 08: The Water Level: 70 Page Views. Oh well, It was mostly filler anyway.


This is just odd. The keywords to find this.

thatonerantinggeek, 13, which may have been me getting to my blog without having to actually type the url.

that one ranting geek and both have four. I think... smae as above maybe?

furry hate only has 2.

hsooter game has 2 becuase one of my typos makes all the difference it seems.

mousa the 14, 6. I uh.... I don't know either. I mean, who remembers that name? I mean, I don't google myself, that's just silly.

www.all cartoon nakid lades games 2..... WHAT! WHAT? WHAAAAAAAT!?

архитектура final fantasy, 2... I... I honestly have no idea.

rant topic, 2. Makes sense I geuss.

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